Highly efficient

Superconducting hot plate micro heat pipe arrays for non-concentrating solar photovoltaic panels, natural convection cooling or water-cooled battery b

Cogeneration sys

Strong into the water-cooled solar cell backplane, the battery temperature controlled at 42 degrees Celsius, the efficiency of solar panels increased 


Set optoelectronics, solar thermal advantage,  complementary,  energy conversion rate;  effective in reducing the construction of conventional energy 

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THE is the premium global supplier of energy system.We delivery electric and heating solutions,EPC,project investment, management and operation to the solar energy industries.We provide solar pv module,solar power system,solar lighting,solar pump,inverter,battery,LED and solar water heating system,pv-heating co-generation system etc.We provide not only the solar “engine” or solar“shifter” but also a complete solar “car”system.THE is a new energy leader in system integration industry。

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