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Powerway Ground Screw Light Pole Foundation

Addtime:2012-6-16 0:54:07

  The Powerway ground screw light pole foundation is a simple foundation solution for tapered steel light poles, replacing messy slow and expensive concrete bored piles. Significant time and cost savings are the major advantages.

    Powerways ground screw foundation is by far the quickest method of installing engineered foundations and allows for immediate light pole installation as there is no concrete curing time holding up further works. The entire process is reduced to just screw in a foundation, excavate a small power cable access trench, feed the power cable through the cable slot provided, lift up the pole, and bolt connect it to the ground screw.

    Our light pole foundation products are hot dipped galvanized for protection against the ambient elements providing for the same design life of 35 year  as the same as the light pole, however design life can be extended where required.