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Powerway Ground Screw’s Adjustable Features

Addtime:2012-6-16 0:51:43

Ground-level power plants are typically built in remote areas where quality control of construction is often an issue, especially when dealing with limitations in labor force, logistics, environment, weather etc. This is where the adjustable Powerway ground screw outshines the competition, thanks to its trouble-free and quick installation in a large volume situation.

    There are two ways to adjust the ground screw foundation:

1.      Ground screw with flange:

    Lengthen the flanges of the ground screw and the post, and increase the number of nuts for adjustment. The adjustable height should be within 100mm to protect the ground screw

2.      Ground screw without flange:

    Weld three nuts on top of the ground screw, for adjustment. The adjustable range is within 300mm on even areas, and 400-500mm on rough. Additional on-site investigation should be carried out if the location is hilly.

    The screws can be fixed on the nuts to produce excellent friction in three directions. Generally speaking, this tri-orientated friction can fully withstand wind and self-ballasted loads.

    Powerway engineers have created ground screws in a variety of sizes and strengths for every imaginable project, whether permanent or temporary, and suited to a broad range of soil conditions and foundations. We can recommend the correct ground screw according to local geology and following a report that determines the technical parameters such as length, external diameter, wall thickness of galvanized coating, flange size of ground screw. Powerway ground screws are available in a series of standard sizes for most applications, but can also be custom made for your unique projects.