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Powerway's preparation for PV system installation

Addtime:2012-6-16 0:43:32

 Powerway has finished 180MW projects in 2011 and another round of projects is coming this year. Turnkey construction services supplied by Powerway are the key to secure such projects. Powerway is your professional solar farm builder for sure.

    Ahead of the construction, serious site survey is essential to ensure the installation sound and safety. Normally, we will take the following issues into consideration:

1.      Environment preserved and protected.

2.      Access conditions: vehicle access availability.

3.      Water access.

4.      Electricity access.

5.      Soil conditions & terrain conditions.

6.      Climate conditions.

7.      How the PV modules will be mounted?

8.      Where the inverter is located?

9.      Cabling routes and there for the required cable run distances

10.Substation for grid connection conditions

About Poweway:

    Powerway Renewable Energy Co. Ltd, which markets its products under the brand “Powerway”, is a leading solar farm builder, and one of the world’s leading mounting structure suppliers for PV industry. With over 20 years of metal fabrication experience, combined with its strong engineering team, cut-edge production facility in Foshan, China, Powerway has set up installation teams not only in several strategic locations in China, but also in India, South Africa, Europe, and now in USA and in Japan. Powerway has set the footprint in South Africa to set up local manufacturing and installation facilities in order to meet the local content requirement of South Africa. Details, please see